10 Questions Builder Hiring

10 questions to ask a builder before hiring them

One of the services we take pride in at Marlow Builders is the time we spend consulting with our clients at the start to ensure we are 100% clear on exactly what they want.

In turn, when you’re looking for a Loughborough builder, it’s always a good idea to know more about them and the way they work before you get the ball rolling.

We’ve put together 10 questions to ask a builder before hiring them, to ensure your own peace of mind when building or landscaping work is on the cards.

  • Can you provide a quote/ schedule for the work?

This should detail exactly what work will be done and when. The quote that you’re given at the start should also be the same as what you are presented with at the end, with no hidden costs along the way.

  • How long have you been in business?

This will give you an indicator of how successful and experienced the building firm is. It should also go hand in hand with getting recommendations and hearing what customers have said about the builder in the past.

  • Are you insured? (Evidence of policy)

A builder is legally obliged to have both public and employers liability insurance. Make sure you see evidence of this and again, this should offer you peace of mind that, should anything go wrong, it’s all covered. It’s a good idea to find out exactly what the insurance policy covers too.

  • Do you have examples of previous work done?

It can help to see examples of work done in the past, especially if this is similar to what you are looking for in your own home. In addition to recommendations, it will also give you another idea as to how good they are.

  • What will you do to reduce mess/ clear rubbish?

If you’re not moving out while the work is done, it’s important to ensure your home will still be comfortable to live in during that time.

  • Will there be a time when the water/ electricity supply is switched off?

As well as getting an idea of levels of disruption, it’s also worth finding out when you won’t be able to use the bathroom, for example, so you can put contingencies in place.

  • Will you require a deposit?

Make sure all fees and costs are made apparent from the start. This includes any initial deposit that is required. It’s also worth noting how their invoice can be paid.

  • How long will the work take?

Obviously if the work involves being outdoors, for example, there can be factors affecting the timescale that are out of a builders’ control. However, they should be able to give you an idea of how long the work will take.

  • Will I need planning permission?

This is important to establish before any work is started. If you need help, we can liaise directly with architects, local authority, building control and planning officers to ensure it is all dealt with accordingly.

  • Will I need to hire an additional tiler/ plumber/ electrician/ painter and decorator?

When choosing our service, you needn’t worry about finding extra workers. We can arrange for qualified and highly experienced tradespeople to attend to work at different stages of the project for different installation tasks.

The team at Marlow Building and Landscaping has over 30 years experience in the trade and a whole range of testimonials from happy customers.

Our aim is to make the building process simple and easy for you by offering a wide variety of different services. As well as being highly experienced, we work to strict deadlines and complete work efficiently to ensure a high standard of workmanship in every completed project.

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