The key benefits to choosing our services in 2018

For many, a new year often brings with it exciting plans and among them could be changes to your property, ranging from refurbishments and renovations, to home extensions and even a new build.

With regard to home improvements, we find that clients often love the thought of having their home looking amazing in time for the summer months, so that guests can enjoy the finished result in the very best possible light. And we all love a good sunny, summer barbecue!

Of course, you’ll want to ensure the workmanship is of the highest quality, completed in a timely fashion, by qualified and experienced professionals, while being well priced and causing minimal upheaval to your life too. So, we’ve put together a list of the key benefits to choosing our services in 2018 to let you know what sort of standards to expect.

Main Benefits of choosing Marlow Builders

  • Free consultation

After you’ve got in touch with us, we will arrange to visit you for a free consultation, in order to discuss your requirements and ensure every detail has been considered. We will then provide you with an estimate to suit your budget, with no hidden charges cropping up further along the line. The estimate provided will include a breakdown of costs so you can see where funds are allocated in accordance with the work required.

  • We can oversee the whole process

Project management is a major forte of ours. So, when you want a stress free building job done, with minimal input from you, we can take care of the whole thing, from the design stages at the beginning, through to the permissions, types of materials and trades needed, to the final fixtures an fittings at the end. This means you won’t have to take time to arrange for different tradespeople to work at different stages of the project for different installation tasks, as we can organise everything for you.

Additional services we offer

In addition to the main benefits of using our highly experienced team, here is a breakdown of the more specific services we can provide:

  • Property Refurbishments – whether you’re doing up a property to rent, enjoy, or sell, we can make it truly sparkle.
  • Gorgeous bathroom and kitchen fittings – The kitchen and bathroom are the two most used and important rooms to get right in a home, whether you’re improving it for the family or to sell on.
  • Extensions -  Whether it’s a new kitchen, or large extension that you need, we can offer the complete solution from start to finish.
  • Landscaping - Talking of getting work done on your home in time for the summer months, how about getting your garden looking gorgeous too?

Call today for a consultation

With over 30 years’ experience, our highly professional team of Loughborough builders can help make your home and garden look extra special, completing the job you need doing with minimal hassle, at a budget you can afford.

When you want your home to look the best it can, get in touch today, but remember to book us early – 2018 is getting busy already!