Updating your bathroom on a budget

Updating your bathroom on a budget

As one of the most frequently used parts of the home, bathrooms can easily become tired and worn looking. Making them look beautiful again might feel like an added expense, but actually, updating your bathroom on a budget can be a lot easier and less costly than you might think.

We all know that when looking to enhance the value of a property, or make it more attractive to buyers, updating the bathroom and kitchen can be a great investment. And not only that, it makes for a much nicer living space.

But, while our services can include a complete bathroom refit, there are some other smaller, less expensive jobs which can give your bathroom a whole new lease of life altogether too.

Take a look at your tiles

Are the bathroom tiles looking chipped and worn? Is the colour a bit dated? Is the grout crumbling away? Has a nasty film appeared on the surface of your tiles?

Having new tiling in your bathroom or renewing the grout can not only make the bathroom more appealing, but it can even enhance the space, giving a much better feeling of light and cleanliness.

Tiling doesn’t only have to apply to the walls either. How about having tiled worktops in your bathroom for something that little bit different?

Follow your feet

Is your bathroom flooring starting to look worn around the edges, stained and torn? Perhaps the 1970s lino that was ‘oh so cool’ back in the day really has now had its day.

Replace worn carpets and damaged lino with more hygienic tiles, or laminate flooring.

For an even more impressive look, perhaps try wood flooring and paint it a shade which will offer your bathroom even further aesthetic appeal.

A new lick of paint goes a long way

A new coat of paint or a change in the decor can go a long way to refreshing any room in the home, so take a long hard look at the colour schemes in your bathroom.

Create a pleasing colour palette for your bathroom where the walls, flooring, cabinets and bathroom suite all go beautifully together to give a stunningly attractive effect.

Can your bathroom suite be restored?

It could be that you’re pretty proud of your bathroom suite, for example, there might be a roll top bath, or Jack and Jill sink in there that you just don’t want to see the back of.

Instead of replacing your bathroom suite, how about looking to impressive restoration as a solution?

Make your fixtures fabulous

New taps and shower heads can completely change the look and feel of a bathroom, especially if the old ones are starting to look a little tired, stained and crusty. So, instead of ripping out the whole bathroom, see what a cost-effective difference just replacing a few fixtures and fittings can make.

The same goes for your lighting if that is pretty outdated. Whether you’re updating your kitchen or bathroom, it’s always a good idea to consider natural light, spotlighting or pendants, to make it look truly marvellous.

Get in touch about your bathroom upgrade today

If a bathroom upgrade of any shape or size is on the cards, get in touch with our experienced and friendly team to find out more about getting the work done in the easiest, most cost-effective and pleasing way.