Add Value to Your Loughborough Home with an Extension

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With the cost and hassle of moving house many owners are now looking to extend their homes instead. Extensions can vary in size and grandeur but done well will add significant value to your home. More importantly it can give you the extra space you require, which reduces the need for you to move home. Read on to see how you can add value to you home with an extension.

The Benefits of Extending Your Home

Can save you money! Sounds crazy but having an extension can often save you money. Usually to get the space you need requires moving up the property ladder which in itself can be a huge jump in price. For example, to go from a three bedroom property to a four bedroom property there is a big price increase. You also have to consider the cost of moving – you have to pay solicitor fees, survey fees, mortgage fees, estate agent fees etc.

Gives you more control – you don’t have to get caught up in the property buying and selling chain, risking losing out on your sale or purchase at the last minute. You can design how you want your house to be rather than looking for something that may or may not fit your requirements.

Utilises your home – there are many ways to extend your home. From moving walls, adding a single story to increase space or give an extra room. You can also have double story extensions to give you extra living space and a new bedroom or bigger bathroom. Extending up in to the loft to create an extra bedroom is also a great option if you have the space to do so.

Add value to your home – this can be monetary of course but it also increases saleability and adds value to your own lifestyle. Many homeowners report how much happier they are once they have the space and function required for their lifestyle.

We Offer Full Consultation, Planning, Design & Build

Sometimes homeowners can be put off having an extension built as they don’t know where to start or have heard stories about un-reputable firms. You can rely on Marlow Building as we have built an honest reputation for years in and around the Loughborough area.

Why are we so good? We offer a full service to complete your extension. We can help with the planning process, building departments, building control, complete build, offering advice about how best to utilise the space you have or what extension will meet your needs.

We our team are experienced and thoughtful – we will make sure you understand what is happening and when. We work with you to create the perfect home. We even offer a Free Planning Permission Guide to help with the early stages.

If You’re Thinking of Extending, Contact Us!

Here at Marlow Building we are professional, reliable and highly skilled with many happy customers. We are always happy to put you in touch with past customers for a reference. If you want to add value to your home with an extension or simply enjoy your home more contact us today on 01509 269 407. You can also reach us by using our contact us form.