What Happens When You Refurbish A Property?


Thinking of making some changes to your home? Perhaps your family is growing and you need the extra space. Or maybe you’ve just bought somewhere at a great price at auction which now needs doing up to make it a spectacular place to live and add value at the same time.
There are many reasons for refurbishing a property, but one thing remains the same – that it always pays to get it done right first time, to minimize the spend and maximize the enjoyment you’ll get from living in it or selling it on in the future.

So, what happens when you refurbish a property and how do you ensure you get it right? Well, the biggest favor you can do for yourself is to put all the right planning in place before you start.
Whether most of the refurbishment will be done by you, or you’re getting the professionals in to project manage the whole thing, always make sure you know what’s going to happen every step of the way.

Decisions, decisions

There’s so much to think about before you throw yourself into any kind of building project, so sit down and decide on a few things first. For example, what exactly are you hoping to do to your property and what reason are you doing it for (to sell, make it suitable to rent out, or create a better place to live)?
Will you live there while the refurbishments are taking place? This will affect the order in which you do things. If not, where will you stay and how long will you need to stay there for?
Your budget is also an important consideration, so make sure you know from the very start how much a refurbishment will cost and if the budget is limited, make a list of priorities. If you’re going with a building firm, they should be able to work with you to put a great plan in place and by doing so, let you know exactly how much things should cost and how long it will take.

Get the know-how

Make sure that the people who carry out the work know exactly what they’re doing and the correct order in which the work should be done.
If that’s you, be confident that you’re the right person for the job. However, if you’re only doing some of it, you might be looking to employ separate contractors for specific aspects of the refurb, such as the electrics, plumbing and plastering.
Whenever you employ someone to work on your home, always check their references and qualifications – and word of mouth recommendations from friends and family are a bonus too.

If you can’t be there to watch the work being done, this can ensure peace of mind in knowing it will be being carried out professionally, consistently and with no extra hidden costs cropping up along the way.

Another way to have the project professionally handled is by employing a trusted firm of builders to oversee and project manage the refurbishments from the design and planning at the start, right through to the fixtures, fittings and finishing touches at the end.

Top tips on refurbishing a property

Once you’ve made the decision to refurbish a property there are some other things you might want to consider too. Check out this handy check list of things to watch out for and discuss with the people doing the work, before it starts:

• Take stock of your finances
• Assess the potential
• Maximise use of space (extra space brings added value)
• Let as much light in as you can
• Both of the above can be achieved by taking down walls – is this a possibility?
• Get advice from the professionals on the best order to get work done
• Seek professional advice on planning permission and any structural changes needed

And, if you’re refurbishing a property to make it more saleable, consider the following:

• Improvements to kitchen and bathroom
• A fun room/ games room in the garage, above the garage or under the stairs for added appeal.
• Never spend money on renovations that won’t improve the value
• Make a good first impression with the entrance hall – think reflective surfaces and less clutter
• Make sure the style you go for won’t look dated easily
• Avoid faddy features which may not appeal to everyone
• A lick of paint can do wonders

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