The Ultimate Guide To Renovating A House in 2019

The Ultimate Guide To Renovating A House in 2019

Renovating a house can bring a multitude of rewards, from making you money, to the satisfaction of seeing and enjoying the final result. But it can take a lot of hard work to get there and it’s important to follow the right steps to success before diving straight in. Here’s an ultimate guide to renovating a house in 2019

Choose your property wisely

There are some amazing renovation projects out there, many of which can be found for auction, snapped up for a bargain and restored to former glory, but with a stunning modern day twist.

However, buyer beware, it’s vital to do your homework on the property before you buy, ensure an assessment of the structural condition is done by a professional surveyor and make an inventory of all the issues, from large cracks in the walls to evidence of rot and damp.

Be sure that the cost to fix the house up and make it habitable isn’t going to rise way above the amount it could ever be worth when you add that figure to the amount you paid for it.

As well as doing checks on the interior, the exterior is important too, so make sure the roof is in good nick, for example, as major replacements can be costly.

And finally, be prepared for an auction, if that’s where you’re looking for your renovation project. Perhaps attend a few to get a feel of the auction atmosphere and on the day, stand firm on the amount you can go up to if competition is high. Once that hammer falls, there’s no turning back.

Draw up some plans and stick to a schedule

It’s always good to have a budget in mind before you start, this way, you can make sure that everything you want to get done is achievable. Ask yourself, when renovating a house, can you draw up the plans, do you need an architect, draughts-person or do you have a building contractor who can have the design and renovation plans drawn up for you? Make note of the house’s best features and those which really should go, this will help form the basis of the plans.

Shop around for the best quote for the work

Once you know the work that needs to be done, there’s no reason why you should go for the first building firm you find, or the biggest one. There are many benefits to finding a good local building firm, which will take great pride in each project they work on and often give you the most competitive quote. Find out what previous customers had to say about the building firm as word of mouth recommendations are invaluable.

Once any vital repairs or remedial work has been done to the house, it’s time for improvements. When renovating a house, you could consider the following:

  • Repairing and restoring original features
  • Changing the exterior of the property
  • Loft or basement conversion
  • New bathroom and/or kitchen
  • Home extension – adding space to your home
  • Updates to the heating and electrics (such as underfloor heating)
  • Energy efficient changes

If you’re planning to live in the house, be prepared for any upheaval the work may cause, such as periods of time without heating or hot water and all the mess that major renovations can bring.

If you’re considering renovating a house in 2019 and are new to the process, there’s just so much to consider, so why not contact the experts for help and advice?

At Marlow Builders we have many years of home renovation experience and can project manage the whole renovation from start to finish, leaving you to play as much of a part as you’re comfortable with.

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